Active Liquid

Liquid detergent
■ High performance ■ Long lasting perfume ■ High material compatibility

Product profile
■ ACTIV liquid is a universal detergent concentrate ensuring a high washing performance even at 30°C. Respecting the
biological cycles, it cares for people’s health and cleaning staff’s safety.
■ ACTIV liquid offers highest material compatibility and as it is free of bleaching agents it is applicable to white and
colored fabrics.
■ ACTIV liquid contains natural aloe vera extracts.
■ Majorly composed of renewable resources, ACTIV liquid takes on the responsibility for future generations.


Product Details

Area of application
■ ACTIV liquid is suitable for all type of textiles and all temperatures.
■ Use ACTIV liquid according to the dosage instructions and wash the clothes without prewash (depending on the
water hardness and degree of soiling of the laundry). The water hardness can be provided by your local water
Product safety, storage and environmental instructions
Safety: For professional use only. For further information, see Safety Data Sheet.
Storage: Store at room temperature in the original container.
Environmental: For maximum effectiveness always use the correct dosage and lowest recommended temperature.
This will minimize both energy and water consumption and reduce water pollution.

Data Sheets