Apesin AP 100 plus

Powdery Oxygen active disinfectant
■ Material friendly ■ Versatile ■ Broad spectrum efficacy

Product Profile
■ APESIN AP 100 plus cleans and disinfects in only one processing step.
■ Thanks to its oxygen basis APESIN AP 100 plus has no smell nuisance.
■ Excellent material compatibility.
■ Free of aldehydes, phenols, chlorine.
■ Also ideally suitable for coated floorings (i.e. LONGLIFE complete).
■ APESIN AP 100 plus is effective against all enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, e.g. norovirus. Outstanding effectiveness against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, e.g.: MRSA.

Product Details

Area of application
■ Can be used on all washable surfaces throughout the clinical sector (especially highrisk areas) and in sanatoria, nursing homes, doctors‘ surgeries, ambulances and similar.
■ Particularly suitable for sensitive materials such as makrolon and acrylic glass.
■ Can be used in food processing areas.

Application note
■ Pour water into a bucket. Then add powder granules into the water and give a quick stir.
■ Freshly prepared working solution is stable for 30hours. Warm working solution has to be changed early enough after max. 4hours and in case of severe soiling.
■ Make sure that all visible soiling is removed before disinfection.
■ Always take care of complete wetting of the surface.

Data Sheets