APESIN Handactive Sanitiser

Liquid alcoholic instant hand disinfectant
■ Ready-to-use ■ Skin friendly ■ Broad spectrum

Product profile
■ APESIN handactive F is ready to use and guarantees a fast-acting hygiene and surgical hand disinfection.
■ It contains moisturizing and skin-care additives.
■ APESIN handactive F is bactericidal, levurocidal and limited virucidal (conc. 30 sec.). Norovirus and
Vacciniavirus effective according to EN 14476.
■ It is tested, evaluated and certified according to the requirements of the European standards EN 13727,
EN 13624, EN 1500 and EN 14348.
■ Also suitable for surgical hand disinfection according to the European standard EN 12791.

Product Details

Area of application
■ APESIN handactive F is perfectly suited for a hygienic hand disinfection in health care areas, industrial
areas such as food processing industry, as well as in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.
■ For more information, see next page: Standards & spectrum of activity.

Product safety, storage and environmental instructions
Safety: For professional use only. For further information, see Safety Data Sheet. Use biocides safely. Always
read the label and product information before use.
Storage: Store at room temperature in the original container.
Environmental: Only give completely emptied packaging to special waste disposer.

Data Sheets