Aroma Fresh Lemon

Long lasting fragrance cleaner
■ Exquisite scent ■ pH – neutral

Product profile
■ AROMA fresh lemon leaves an exquisite and long-lasting, lovely aroma of lemon grass and citrus after cleaning.
■ AROMA fresh lemon cleans and deodorizes efficiently.
■ The special formulation of AROMA fresh lemon allows a manual and a mechanical application.
■ AROMA fresh lemon leaves an exquisite scent on-site up to 12 hours.

Product Details

Area of application
■ AROMA fresh lemon enables a gentle cleaning for all water-resistant surfaces .Easily applicable on treated and untreated floorings as well as on all water-resistant surfaces such as tiles, marble, coated and uncoated floors in sanitary areas, changing rooms, offices etc. . Not to be used on unsealed wood floors and carpets.

Data Sheets