Inoxol Complete

Care product for stainless steel
■ Simple in use ■ Care & polish ■ Less re-soiling

Product profile
■ Its paraffin oil based formulation leads to excellent care, polish and protection for all metal surfaces in one step for
directly visible results.
■ INOXOL complete quickly removes grime from stainless steel ware such as watermarks, finger marks, dust,
discolorations, streaks and spots, preserving the surface quality with a uniform and shiny appearance.
■ Special care components protect metal surfaces lastingly from water stains and dust and delay the usual re-soiling,
metal oxidation and discoloring for a long-lasting clean appearance.
■ The product enhances the preservation and prolongs the lifespan of the treated surfaces.

Product Details

Area of application
■ Suitable for all metal surfaces (except kitchen sink) like stainless steel, anodic aluminium or brass.
■ Also suitable for steel-furniture, counters, doors, elevators, mouldings, window frames and fittings.
■ Do not use on kitchen sinks.

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