Longlife Conductan

Emulsion polish for conductive floors
■ For conductive floors ■ Disinfectant-proof ■ Highly resistant

Product profile
■ The LONGLIFE conductan is a special emulsion polish, attuned to the special needs of conductive or dissipative
■ If used properly, LONGLIFE conductan preserves the flooring‘s given static bleeder resistor according to DIN IEC 61340-4-1 and DIN EN 1081.
■ LONGLIFE conductan preserves the floor’s conductivity
■ LONGLIFE conductan is resistant to non-alcoholic surface disinfectants and is suitable for high speed polishing.
■ LONGLIFE conductan has been developed in cooperation with well-known floor manufacturers (Forbo, DLW, Gerflor, Tarkett)

Product Details

Area of application
■ LONGLIFE conductan is applicable in all buildings with conductive PVC and linoleum floorings. Do not use on wood panel floors, elastomer and synthetic resin floors.
■ A humidity of greater than 30% must be guaranteed to ensure the function.
■ For detailed information please ask for specific cleaning and care instructions.

Data Sheets