Manudish NeoSmart®

High performance manual dishwashing liquid
■ High performing ■ 2x concentrated ■ Pleasant fragrance

Product profile
■ Includes the SMART combi power feature by combining skin friendliness and at the same time strong degreasing
■ The great foaming abilities accompanied by the powerful concentration result in superior efficiency in use.
■ MANUDISH neoSmart® allows a low dosage and achieves uniform results thanks to its high concentrated formula.
■ Due to its new formulation MANUDISH neoSmart® is pleasant to use and easy-to-rinse.
■ MANUDISH neoSmart® with its integrated SMART dosing membrane allows flexible and convenient dosing while
avoiding direct product contact.
■ Majorly composed of renewable resources and coming in a bottle made of 100% recyclate, MANUDISH neoSmart®
takes on the responsibility for future generations.

Product Details

Area of application
■ Suitable for manual dishwashing.
■ MANUDISH neoSmart cleans and degreases all dishes (including filters, cookware and cutlery).

Data Sheets