Nowa ISR 700

Chlorine based disinfectant foaming cleaner
■ Outstanding performance ■ Thorough cleaning ■ Disinfecting

Product Profile
■ Owing to its high surfactant content combined with natron soda lye, NOWA ISR 700 is one of the strongest cleaning
products available.
■ NOWA ISR 700 has a powerful disinfectant action.

Product Details

Area of application
■ For cleaning all kinds of surfaces that are largely tolerant towards alkalis in food-processing premises, e.g. abattoirs,
bakeries, food-smoking/curing operations, canteens, etc.
■ Can be used on tiles, floors, doors, conveyor belts and trolleys, workbenches, chopping blocks and boards, etc.
Excellent for use with high and low-pressure equipment.
■ Caution: attacks aluminium, brass and copper.

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