Nowa KRC 740

Liquid disinfectant, chemo-thermal kitchen cleaner
■ Low foaming ■ Excellent cleaning ■ Disinfecting

Product profile
■ NOWA KRC 740 dissolves stubborn grease and protein deposits.
■ Good emulsification and dirt-absorbing power. Its highly active chlorine content allows a very good disinfection.
■ NOWA KRC 740 is easy to use in any method due to its very low foam formation.

Product Details

Area of application
■ For the cleaning of forwarding cases, cutter boxes and containers.
■ Also best appropriated for knifes, boots and apron cleaning machines.
■ Optimal cleaning results to be reached with a cleaning solution.
■ For disinfecting cleaning. Action time: 10-20 minutes at 55-60°C. Dosage for dishes disinfection (DIN 10510): 3g/L cleaning solution. Action time: 1 minute at 60°C.

Data Sheets