Sanet Perfect

Sanitary Cleaner & Descaler
■ User safety ■ Outstanding performance ■ Low cost-in-use

Product profile
■ SANET perfect is the highly performing maintenance cleaner and descaler with exceptional environmental properties.
Respecting the biological cycles, it cares for people‘s health and cleaning staff‘s safety.
■ Meanwhile enhancing the work safety, the extraordinary power of SANET perfect assures outstanding cleaning
performance with minimal efforts.
■ The new patent pending combination of surfactants and acids lowers the product consumption and increases the
productivity. This formulation is developed to achieve the best cleaning results at the first application and reduces
the cleaning time and costs.
■ Majorly composed of renewable resources, SANET perfect takes on the responsibility for future generations.

Product Details

Area of application
■ SANET perfect is suitable for the use on all acid-resistant surfaces in the sanitary area.
■ Do not use on marble or other acid-sensitive materials.
■ Do not use concentrated product on plastics.

Data Sheets