Sanet Sanicid

Ready-to-use sanitary maintenance cleaner
■ Characteristic scent ■ Versatile ■ Optimum performance

Product profile
■ SANET sanicid is a ready-to-use cleaner for the removal of all common soilings in the sanitary areas, e.g. lime scale, lime soap, greasy and cosmetic residues.
■ After cleaning with SANET sanicid, sanitary surfaces are restored to their original shine.
■ SANET sanicid is simple in application and time- and cost-saving as well.
■ Thanks to its intensive and characteristic scent, SANET sanicid leaves a long-lasting and clean smell.

Product Details

Area of application
■ The environmentally friendly and mild composition of SANET sanicid allows it to be used safely throughout the entire bath and sanitary area, for example in hotels, office buildings, public and private facilities. SANET sanicid is ideally suitable for daily maintenance cleaning of wash basins, fittings, tiles, ceramics, showers etc.
■ Do not use on materials sensitive to acids such as marble.

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