Tanet Alco Smart

High Performance Floor & Surface Cleaner
■ High wetting properties ■ Low cost in use ■ Safe application

Product profile
■ Includes the SMART Triple Efficiency Formulation with exclusive surfactant backbone combining exceptional wetting,
dispersing and cleaning properties.
■ TANET alcoSmart® ensures easy and efficient removal of dirt and grease from different kinds of floorings such as
porous stone floors or hydrophobic PUR surfaces and leaves a refreshing scent of grapefruit when in use.
■ Thanks to its fast action characteristics long lasting results are ensured with a minimum of effort needed
■ TANET alcoSmart® with its integrated SMART dosing membrane allows flexible and convenient dosing while avoiding
direct product contact.
■ Majorly composed of renewable resources and coming in a bottle made of 100% recyclate, TANET alcoSmart® takes
on the responsibility for future generations.


Product Details

Area of application
■ TANET alcoSmart is ideally suitable for use on all water-resistant floors such as stone, rubber, linoleum, PVC, PUR etc.
and especially for floorings with acrylic floor polishes, and for all washable surfaces such as plastic, glass, ceramics,
metal and varnish.

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