Tanex Power

Ready-to-use plastic cleaner
■ Powerful ■ Efficient & economic ■ Versatile application

Product profile
■ TANEX power is a ready-to-use cleaner and degreaser for plastic surfaces and an outstanding stain remover for all
types of adhesive soiling.
■ TANEX power allows to save costs and time through its high efficiency, its quick and easy handling and versatile
application areas.
■ TANEX powerkeeps surfaces’ original appearance.
■ Its attractive fragrance makes it pleasant to use.

Product Details

Area of application
■ Suitable for use on all matt, high-gloss and textured plastics and plastic-coated surfaces indoor and outdoor.
■ Can be used for streak-free purification of (school-, work-, gardening-) tables, doors, cabinets, shelves, wall paneling,
kitchen facilities made of Formica, fitness equipment in schools, nursery schools, office buildings, hotels and sports
■ Do not apply on plexiglas and painted materials.
■ Recommended: Spray 4x/sqm

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