Tanex Trophy

Powerful cleaner for sports floorings
■ Powerful ■ Removes stains ■ Low foam

Product profile
■ TANEX trophy is a specially formulated powerful detergent for the removal of specific stains in gyms on alkaline
resistant surfaces. It provides outstanding efficiency on resin residues and a quick action on black marks.
■ TANEX trophy preserves the properties of sport floorings in terms of slip and shine.
■ Practical in use, this product can easily be used in automatic cleaning machines thanks to its low foam formation. It
can also be used in spray method for the direct treatment of persistent stains.
■ Leaves a pleasant minty scent.

Product Details

Area of application
■ TANEX trophy is applicable on all water -and alkali resistant sport flooring and surfaces like PVC etc. Not to be used
on water and alkali sensitive floors (linoleum, unsealed wooden floors etc.).

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