Tawip Innomat

Auto Scrubber Cleaner
■ High performance ■ Anti-static ■ Slip resistant

Product profile
■ Developed for the use in auto-scrubbers, TAWIP innomat removes persistent soiling like oil, grease and fat and can
thus especially be used in food areas e.g. in supermarkets.
■ Due to the excellent dispersing and soil suspending properties, the product is economical and needs a low use of
concentration and is at the same time fast and easy in application, while cleaning thoroughly.

■ The care components protect the floor from leaching, ease the cleaning, attain an anti-static effect and leave a dirt-
repellent and non-slip care film.

■ With its low foaming qualities and special formula, TAWIP innomat is perfectly suitable for the direct dosing via TANA
TURBO-DOS without interruption of the filling process.
■ TAWIP innomat meets the DIN 18032-2 requirements.

Product Details

Area of application
■ TAWIP innomat is excellent for the machine maintenance cleaning of all waterproof floorings like PVC, linoleum,
rubber, stone as well as sealed, waxed and oiled wood.
■ Furthermore, TAWIP innomat is the perfect detergent for the maintenance cleaning of walk ways on airport,
underground stations, malls, multi-purpose halls, supermarkets, shopping malls, DIY stores or gymnasiums.

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