Tuba Universal

Cleaner for shampooing and spray extraction
■ Fibre-deep cleaning ■ Revives colours

Product profile
■ Powerful and versatile TUBA universal leaves no sticky residues and delays re-soiling of the textile surface.
■ TUBA universal contains no optical brightener or bleach.
■ TUBA universal is suitable for all shampooing machines and spray extraction devices.
■ Its active ingredients dissolves fat, dirt, grease and even stubborn sticking soiling.
■ TUBA universal is material –friendly product which helps to prolong surface’s durability and achieves perfect results.

Product Details

Area of application
■ Natural and synthetic fabric of all kinds such as carpets and textile fabrics of wool, cotton, viscose, silk, polyamide,
acrylic, polyester, polypropylen etc. Problem-free used on suede, loop and needle-felt carpets.

Data Sheets