WC Mint

Toilet Bowl Cleaner Mint
■ Viscous consistency ■ Easy-to-use ■ Safe application

Product profile
■ WC mint is an acid toilet bowl cleaner, which effectively uses natural acid. Respecting the biological cycles, it cares for
people’s health and cleaning staff’s safety.
■ Meanwhile enhancing the work safety, WC mint shows outstanding cleaning performance due to its viscous
formulation and effectively removes all common soils from urinals and toilet bowls.
■ The special bottle with angled neck assures a fast, direct, easy and safe application.
■ WC mint eliminates unpleasant odors and provides a long-lasting scent of fresh mint extracts.
■ The bottle of WC mint consists to 80% of recycled PET.
■ Majorly composed of renewable resources, WC mint takes on the responsibility for future generations.

Product Details

Area of application
■ WC mint is suitable for the cleaning of all toilet bowl, urinal and bidet facilities.

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