Longlife Hospital

Disinfectant – resistant emulsion polish
■ Disinfectant-proof ■ Long-lasting ■ Easy application

Product profile
■ LONGLIFE hospital is resistant to non-alcoholic surface disinfectants. The wear and tear resistance protects floors.
■ The disinfectant-proof emulsion polish is time- and cost-saving and is suitable for areas with specific hygiene requirements.
■ LONGLIFE hospital is recommended wherever an excellent look or durability of the protection film is desired.
■ As a safety aspect LONGLIFE hospital is slip-resistant because of the contained powerful care components (according to DIN51131) even under strong frequentation.
■ LONGLIFE hospital is highly resistant to heel marks and soils. It reduces resoilings and enables lasting cleanness.
■ With its uniform look it is fast and simple in processing and shows an excellent flow further high-speed-polishing increases the durability.

Product Details

Area of application
■ LONGLIFE hospital is very suitable for the maintenance of water resistant floorings especially in health facilities, for
example hospitals, doctor´s surgeries, retirement and nursing homes, rehab centers etc.
■ Do not apply on unsealed wood. Before using the product on elastomer coverings please install a testing area.

Data Sheets