Sanet BR75

Swimming pool and sanitary cleaner
■ Deep cleaner ■ Concentrated ■ Viscous

Product profile
■ SANET BR 75 self-actingly dissolves lime and lime soap, urine scale, incrustations, rust and cement residues.
■ SANET BR 75 does not cause corrosion on undamaged chrome surfaces.
■ SANET BR 75 is highly effective and usage can be versatile.
■ SANET BR 75 has time saving and good application properties.

Product Details

Area of application
■ SANET BR 75 is for all public and private swimming pools, toilets (urinals), shower- and bathrooms. If using on chrome platings which are in a bad condition color changings (passivation) may occur. Do not use on acid-sensitive materials such as marble, copper, aluminum, nylon (polyamide), etc. For absorbent material, such as joints, wet with plenty of water. Before applying, a material compatibility examination in an inconspicuous place is recommended.

Data Sheets