Sanet Tasomil

Sanitary deep and maintenance cleaner
■ Outstanding performance ■ Supreme perfume ■ Viscous

Product profile
■ SANET tasonil has a very strong cleaning action on all types of dirt in the sanitary area. Especially effective against lime scale, urinary stone and residues of lime soap.
■ The viscous consistency of SANET tasonil promotes rapid and complete dirt removal even on vertical surfaces.
■ SANET tasonil can be used at a concentration of only 0,125% for daily maintenance cleaning.
■ SANET tasonil is material friendly product which quickly gives a brilliant shine to all surfaces and leaves a lasting fresh fragrance.
■ With corrosion inhibitor for maximum user-safety.

Product Details

Area of application
■ Suitable for all acid-resistant surfaces throughout the bathroom and sanitary sector such as tiles, chrome-plated fittings, porcelain stainless steel, anonized metal, plastic, stoneware, rubber sheeting, etc. Do not use on natural stone (e.g. marble) or acid sensitive enamel.

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