Nowa SLR 600

Industrial acid foam cleaner
■ High performance ■ Persistent foam ■ Material-safe

Product profile
■ NOWA SLR 600 is a foam descaler for versatile application areas, e.g. removal of grease, water scale, lime soap,
incrusted dirt, rust and other mineral soiling.
■ NOWA SLR 600 leaves no corrosion damage on sound chrome-plated taps and fittings, keeping surfaces in their
original condition.

Product Details

Area of application
■ For cleaning largely acid-resistant materials e.g. in storerooms, food processing areas, kitchens, etc. Also ideal for
washrooms and shower areas.
■ Ideal for usage in high and low-pressure equipment.
■ Check material compatibility before applying product. Not suitable for marble, copper and aluminum.

Data Sheets