Nowa Tanin

Fat and oil remover
■ Strong degreaser ■ Polyvalent ■ Perfume-free

Product profile
■ NOWA tanin easily and quickly removes mineral, vegetable and animal oil and grease.
■ It is a strong and versatile cleaner which removes even stubborn oil and grease residues, grime, tar, metal and rubber
■ NOWA tanin can be applied by different devices and machines because of its low foaming formula and the absence
of perfume, making it easy and pleasant to use.

Product Details

Area of application
■ Suitable for all alkali and water-resistant floorings, fixtures and fittings in workshops, storerooms, canteens, large
catering establishments and food-processing areas.
■ Ideal for cleaning of production facilities.
■ Do not apply on linoleum, wood and aluminum surfaces.

Data Sheets