Tanex Az 70

All purpose cleaner
■ Degreasing ■ Universal ■ Ammonia enriched

Product profile
■ TANEX AZ 70 quickly and reliably removes all kinds of dirt and allows to save time and costs.
■ Its great emulsifying action on oil and grease allows high cleaning performance and convincing results.
■ TANEX AZ 70 performs very good cleaning action even with the lowest concentrations for use which makes it low
■ TANEX AZ 70 is environmentally friendly and solvent-free.
■ TANEX AZ 70 is pleasant to use and leaves a feeling of freshness after application.

Product Details

Area of application
■ All large premises where hygiene and cleanliness are very important.
■ Ideally suited for doors, glass and plastic surfaces, ceramic tiles, varnished wooden and vanished metallic furniture,

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